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Friday, November 30, 2007

O comedor de carpete

Do diário do jornalista Willian L. Shirer, escrito na Europa e principalmente na Berlin ocupada e destruída por Hitler. O livro, chamado Berlin, foi publicado pela primeira vez em 1941, e foi o primeiro livro explícito sobre a marcha da Alemanha à guerra. Best-seller instantâneo. Encontrei uma edição de 2004, em inglês, numa banca na Unter den Linden:

"This morning I noticed something very interesting. I was having breakfest in the garden of the Dreesen Hotel, where Hitler is stopping, when the great man suddenly appeared, strode past me, and went down to the edge of the Rhine to inspect his river yatch, X, one of Germany's leading editors, who secretly despises the regime, nudged me: "Look at his walk!" On inspection it was a very curious walk indeed. In the first place, it was very ladylike. Dainty little steps. In the second place, every few steps he cocked his right shoulder nervously, his left leg snappig up as he did so. I watched him closely as he came back past us. The same nervous tic. He had ugly black patches under his eyes. I think the man is on the edge of a nervous break down. And now I understand the meaning of an expression the party hacks were using when we sat around drinking in the Dreesen last night. They kept talking about the "Teppichfresser", the "carpet-eater". At first I ddn't get it, and then someone explained it in a whisper. They said Hitler has been having some of his nervous crises lately and that in recent days they've taken a strange form. Whenever he goes on a rampage about Benes or the Czechs he flings himself to the floor AND CHEWS THE EDGES OF THE CARPET, hence the Teppichfresser. After seeing him this morning, I believe it."